MSRC ID Camps recognizes that successful student-athletes are not only top notch players but also top notch in the classroom. The better academic profile, the more options will be available to each player. During the MRSC ID Camp session we will hold a seminar dedicated to SAT and ACT preparation. These seminars will be led by experts in standardized testing. The goal of each session will be to provide broad strategies and ways to think about standardized testing that the student-athletes might not have otherwise been exposed to.

Speed, Agility and Quickness

Train with a professional strength and conditioning coach during two different sessions. Players are asked to participate in numerous exercises that many pro and college teams use as part of their training.

College Soccer and Recruiting

College coaches present and provide general institutional information about their school and soccer program. Players learn about the scouting and recruiting process as well as what it takes to be a successful college soccer player.

Being a College Student-Athlete

 A question and answer session helps give the high school players some ideas about marketing themselves, picking the right school and managing their lives in college.                               

College Admissions

Many topics are discussed by a college admissions representative including the application process, what schools are looking for in a student, tips on interviewing, and ideas about essays. It is a great opportunity for all the young men to get inside access to the entire admissions process.

Nutrition and Hydration

Every college athlete needs to know the basics in nutrition and hydrating as a student-athlete. Many of the topics discussed will give the your student athlete the knowledge necessary to keep their bodies in top physical for.

​Note: These Seminars are subject to change



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